Best Pizza Places in Fethiye: Must-Visit Pizza Restaurants in 2024

Best Pizza in Fethiye: Top 5 Pizzerias to Visit in 2023

Fethiye, a picturesque town in the Mugla province of Turkey, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural heritage.

But did you know it’s also home to some of the best pizza in the world? 

Today, we’ll take you on a journey through the top 5 pizzerias in Fethiye, exploring the unique blend of cultural influences, high-quality ingredients, and innovative techniques that set this town’s pizza scene apart.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Fethiye’s Pizza Scene

  1. The Italian Influence on Turkish Cuisine: Italian cuisine has long been a popular choice in Turkey, and Fethiye is no exception. The vibrant mix of Turkish and Italian culinary traditions has led to a delicious fusion of flavors that can be tasted in Fethiye’s pizza offerings.
  2. The Role of the Mediterranean Diet in Shaping Local Pizza Flavors: Fethiye’s coastal location on the Mediterranean Sea means that the local diet is rich in fresh, high-quality seafood and vegetables, which feature prominently in the town’s pizza menus.
  3. The Fusion of East and West in Fethiye’s Pizza Recipes: As a melting pot of cultures, Fethiye’s pizza scene combines the best of both worlds, incorporating traditional Turkish ingredients and spices alongside classic Italian pizza staples.

Ingredients and Techniques that Set Fethiye’s Pizzas Apart

High-Quality, Locally Sourced Ingredients:

  • Fresh Vegetables and Herbs: From juicy tomatoes to fragrant basil, Fethiye’s pizzerias use only the freshest produce in their dishes.
  • Artisanal Cheeses: Whether it’s classic mozzarella or tangy feta, the cheese on Fethiye’s pizzas is sourced from local dairies and adds a unique touch to every slice.

Local Seafood and Meats:

  • Seafood lovers will delight in the shrimp, calamari, and other fresh catches that top many of Fethiye’s pizzas, while meat eaters can savor succulent options like spicy Turkish sucuk sausage.

Traditional and Innovative Cooking Techniques:

  • Wood-Fired Ovens: Many Fethiye pizzerias use wood-fired ovens to create a perfectly crispy crust and a smoky, delicious flavor.
  • Turkish-Style Baking Methods: Some local pizza places embrace their heritage by incorporating traditional Turkish baking techniques, such as using a stone oven or cooking directly over an open flame.
  • Creative Use of Local Spices: Fethiye’s pizzerias aren’t afraid to experiment with bold flavors, incorporating local spices like sumac and Aleppo pepper to create a truly unique pizza experience.

Top Pizza Places in Fethiye

Pizza Job’s Fethiye

Location and Atmosphere

Pizza Job’s Fethiye is strategically located at Cumhuriyet Mah, 502. Sk. No 5/A, 48303 Fethiye, offering easy access to locals and tourists alike.

This popular pizzeria is situated in a lively neighborhood that perfectly captures the vibrant spirit of Fethiye.

Signature Pizzas and Unique Offerings

The Mediterranean Pizza, topped with fresh seafood and a touch of local spices, is a must-try. 

Also, don’t miss their Turkish Twist pizza, which features sucuk sausage and traditional Turkish spices.

Reviews and ratings

Pizza Job’s Fethiye has garnered an impressive 4.4⭐ rating on Google reviews, boasting a total of 427 reviews. 

This high rating is a testament to the pizzeria’s commitment to quality, taste, and exceptional customer service.

Domino’s Pizza Fethiye

Location and Atmosphere

Domino’s Pizza Fethiye is conveniently located at Tuzla, Mustafa Kemal Blv. No:15, 48300 Zemin/Muğla, in the bustling heart of the city.

This popular pizza chain offers a familiar and inviting atmosphere, making it a great choice for both locals and visitors who crave a taste of home. 

Signature Pizzas and Unique Offerings

In addition to their classic offerings, Domino’s Fethiye features a Turkish Delight pizza, complete with local ingredients like spicy sucuk and peppers.

Reviews and ratings

Domino’s Pizza Fethiye has earned a solid 4.1⭐ rating on Google reviews, with a total of 586 reviews. 

This commendable rating demonstrates the pizzeria’s dedication to delivering consistent quality, prompt service, and a satisfying dining experience to its patrons.

Pizza Calisto

Location and Atmosphere

Pizza Calisto is charmingly situated at Foça, 1054. Sk. No:80, 48300 Fethiye, in the heart of the town.

This delightful pizzeria offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing meal with friends and family. 

Signature Pizzas and Unique Offerings

The Calisto Special, with its delectable combination of seafood, feta cheese, and local herbs, is a crowd favorite. Vegetarians will also love their Veggie Delight pizza.

Reviews and ratings

Pizza Calisto enjoys an impressive 4.4⭐ rating on Google reviews, backed by a total of 755 reviews. 

This stellar rating is a testament to the pizzeria’s commitment to delivering delicious, high-quality pizzas and providing an exceptional dining experience for its patrons.

Terra Pizza – Fethiye Çalış

Location and Atmosphere

Terra Pizza – Fethiye Çalış is nestled in the charming Akarca neighborhood at Yerguzlar Cd. No:2/a D:aire:1-2, 48300 Fethiye.

This cozy pizzeria offers a welcoming atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a laid-back meal with loved ones.

Signature Pizzas and Unique Offerings

The Aegean Sea pizza, featuring a mouthwatering mix of fresh seafood and vegetables, is a must-try. Their wood-fired oven also imparts a deliciously smoky flavor to every pizza.

Reviews and ratings

Terra Pizza – Fethiye Çalış boasts an excellent 4.5⭐ rating on Google reviews, with a total of 165 reviews. 

This impressive rating highlights the pizzeria’s dedication to providing outstanding pizzas and an exceptional dining experience for its customers.

La Casa De Mamma

Location and Atmosphere

La Casa De Mamma is ideally located at Foça, 1054. Sk. no:50, 48300 Fethiye, in a lively and picturesque area of the town.

This charming pizzeria offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely meal with friends and family.

Signature Pizzas and Unique Offerings

The Mamma Mia pizza, topped with prosciutto, arugula, and shaved Parmesan, is a true taste of Italy. Their homemade pasta dishes are also worth a try.

Reviews and ratings

La Casa De Mamma has garnered a strong 4.3⭐ rating on Google reviews, with a total of 166 reviews. 

This notable rating reflects the pizzeria’s dedication to offering delicious pizzas and an outstanding dining experience to its patrons.

Fethiye’s Pizza Scene as a Reflection of the Town’s Character

  1. The Importance of Local, Fresh Ingredients in Fethiye’s Culinary Scene: Fethiye’s commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients in its cuisine is evident not only in its pizza scene but in the town’s wider array of restaurants as well.
  2. The Influence of Fethiye’s Diverse Cultural Heritage on its Cuisine: The unique blend of Italian and Turkish flavors in Fethiye’s pizza offerings is a testament to the town’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.
  3. The Spirit of Innovation and Creativity in Fethiye’s Pizza Offerings: Fethiye’s pizzerias continually push the envelope with their innovative flavor combinations and cooking techniques, resulting in a pizza scene that’s as vibrant and dynamic as the town itself.


Fethiye’s pizzerias stand out as a testament to the town’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to culinary excellence, offering some of the best pizza in the world. 

The lasting impact of Fethiye’s pizza on visitors is undeniable, as travelers from around the globe come to savor the unique and delectable creations that combine the best of local flavors with global pizza traditions. 

In short, Fethiye’s pizza scene is a must-visit culinary destination, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for all who have the pleasure of tasting its delicious offerings.

So next time you find yourself in this beautiful coastal town, don’t miss the chance to indulge in a slice of pizza in Fethiye’s finest.

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