Fethiye Marina: Turkey’s Premier Boating Destination

Discovering Fethiye Marina: A Jewel of the Mediterranean

Welcome to the heart of the Mediterranean, where the azure sea meets the vibrant culture of Turkey.

Nestled in the southwest of the country, you’ll find the enchanting Fethiye Marina. 

A hub for yachting enthusiasts, food lovers, and history buffs alike, this marina is more than just a boat club; it’s a gateway to an unforgettable Turkish experience.

A Glimpse into the Past: The History of Fethiye Marina

Overlooking the stunning Mediterranean, Fethiye Marina, also known as Ece Marina, is a testament to the harmonious blend of land and sea.

Located on the eastern side of the charming resort town of Fethiye in southwest Turkey, the marina has been offering exclusive services and top-notch facilities to its patrons since its inception.

Despite being a relatively new addition to Fethiye’s landscape, having opened its doors to the public in 2003, the marina has quickly established itself as a premier destination for boating enthusiasts.

Its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment reflect its modern origins, offering a seamless blend of convenience and luxury.

The marina’s coordinates are 36° 37′ 14″ N, 29° 06′ 51″ W, guiding sailors to a destination that’s as visually impressive as it is functional.

The marina’s architecture, characterized by its neoclassical style, has won several prestigious awards, adding to the marina’s allure.

From its strategic location to its award-winning architecture and top-tier facilities, Fethiye Marina’s history, albeit relatively short, is marked by a commitment to excellence.

This commitment is evident in the marina’s continued efforts to provide an unmatched boating experience on the Mediterranean.

Facilities and Services at Fethiye Marina

Fethiye Marina is a well-designed and fully equipped marina, built with the needs of large yachts in mind.

The marina is composed of three rectilinear breakwaters that form a square-shaped protective space just off the eastern coast of the city.

Inside this protective space, you’ll find four parallel piers with berths on either side. The western breakwater also serves as a pontoon, known as Pontoon A.

The pontoons are labeled from A to G, with G being the eastern breakwater, providing ample space for even the largest vessels.

Entry to the marina is made via an opening between the western breakwaters, marked by flashing lights for easy navigation.

The marina was designed to provide plenty of space for maneuvering, both inside the berth and within the marina itself. This makes it a comfortable and convenient choice for skippers with medium-sized boats.

The approach to the marina is straightforward, thanks to the deep waters of Fethiye Bay and the absence of irregularities in the seabed.

However, skippers should be aware that winds from the west can sometimes bring a swell inside the marina.

In terms of infrastructure, Fethiye Marina is well-equipped, with 465 berths accommodating boats along the six piers, including the two breakwaters. There’s also a VIP pier outside the marina for those seeking a touch of luxury.

The marina’s ambiance is as impressive as its facilities. With its stunning views and top-notch services, Fethiye Marina offers a boating experience like no other.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a boating enthusiast, Fethiye Marina has everything you need for an unforgettable maritime adventure.

Getting to Fethiye Marina

Getting to Fethiye Marina is a breeze. You can take a dolmuş (shared taxi) from anywhere in the city. 

If you’re coming from further away, the closest airport is in Dalaman, and from there, it’s just a short drive to the marina Closest Airports to Fethiye.

Mooring Fees at Fethiye Marina

While the experience of docking at Fethiye Marina is priceless, there are practical costs to consider. 

Mooring fees vary depending on the size of your vessel and the season. But rest assured, the marina offers competitive rates, making it a popular choice among sailors.

Nearby Attractions to Fethiye Marina

The marina’s location in the heart of Fethiye means you’re never far from the action. Take a stroll to the Fethiye Castle for a dose of history, or visit the Fethiye Markets for some local shopping. 

And if you’re up for an adventure, the Babadag Cable Car offers breathtaking views of the region.

Best Restaurants in Fethiye Marina

When it comes to dining, Fethiye Marina offers a culinary journey that’s as diverse and exciting as the marina itself. Here are three restaurants that you simply can’t miss:

Address Restaurant & Cafe Bar


Located in the heart of Fethiye, Address Restaurant & Cafe Bar is conveniently situated on the Kordon Boyu, a vibrant waterfront promenade that’s a hub of activity in the city.

The restaurant’s exact address is Cumhuriyet Mh. Kordon Boyu No:9 Belediye Arası, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla.

Unique Offerings

A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Address Restaurant & Cafe Bar offers a delightful mix of Turkish and international cuisine.

Address Restaurant & Cafe Bar

With a menu that changes with the seasons, you can always expect fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant’s waterfront location provides stunning views of the marina, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a relaxed lunch.

Reviews and ratings

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Address Restaurant & Cafe Bar truly shines. 

With a stellar 4.3⭐ rating on Google based on over 1200 customer reviews, it’s clear that this restaurant is a hit among diners.

City Life Demir Hotel & La Capella Cafe-Restaurant


City Life Demir Hotel & La Capella Cafe-Restaurant is strategically located in the bustling district of Cumhuriyet, making it a convenient dining spot for both locals and tourists.

The exact address is Cumhuriyet, Dispanser Cd. No:16, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla.

Unique Offerings

Located within the City Life Demir Hotel, La Capella Cafe-Restaurant is a culinary gem.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu, with dishes ranging from traditional Turkish fare to international favorites. 

City Life Demir Hotel & La Capella Cafe-Restaurant

The elegant decor and the stunning views of the marina add to the overall dining experience.

Whether you’re staying at the hotel or just dropping by for a meal, La Capella Cafe-Restaurant is a must-visit.

Reviews and ratings

City Life Demir Hotel & La Capella Cafe-Restaurant has earned a commendable reputation among its patrons, boasting a strong 4.3⭐ rating on Google based on 238 customer reviews.

Mori Restoran


Mori Restoran is located within the premises of the Yacht Classic Hotel in the Karagözler neighborhood of Fethiye.

The exact address is Karagözler, Yacht Classic Hotel, 1, Fevzi Çakmak Cd. No:24, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla.

Unique Offerings

If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, Mori Restoran is the place to be.

Known for its innovative dishes and creative presentation, this restaurant takes Turkish cuisine to a whole new level. 

Mori Restoran

The restaurant’s modern, chic interior perfectly complements its innovative menu, making Mori Restoran a standout in Fethiye Marina’s dining scene.

Reviews and ratings

Mori Restoran has made a name for itself in Fethiye’s dining scene, as evidenced by its impressive 4.4⭐ rating on Google, based on 374 customer reviews.


Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a landlubber looking for a taste of the Mediterranean, Fethiye Marina has something for everyone. So why wait? 

Start planning your trip to this Turkish paradise today. With its rich history, top-notch facilities, and stunning surroundings, Fethiye Marina is a destination that’s sure to make waves in your travel memories.

Remember, the sea is calling, and Fethiye Marina awaits. Happy sailing!

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Fethiye Marina is accessible by dolmuş (shared taxi) within the city or by car from Dalaman airport.

Mooring fees depend on the size of your vessel and the season. The marina offers competitive rates.

Fethiye Castle, Fethiye Markets, and the Babadag Cable Car are all within a short distance from the marina.

Fethiye Marina hosts several restaurants including Address Restaurant & Cafe Bar, La Capella Cafe-Restaurant, and Mori Restoran.