Nightlife in Fethiye: Top Experiences at Bars & Restaurants

Experience Fethiye Nightlife: The Heartbeat of the Turkish Riviera

The sun may set, but the fun never does in Fethiye, Turkey’s coastal gem. Located on the stunning Turquoise Coast, Fethiye offers not only beautiful beaches and historical sites, but also a lively and diverse nightlife that caters to every taste.

The nightlife in Fethiye reflects the city’s rich cultural and historical background, making it an essential part of the overall tourist experience.

In this article, we will explore various aspects of Fethiye’s nightlife, offering tips for tourists to maximize their nighttime experiences and immerse themselves in this unique blend of entertainment and cultural experiences.

Bars and Clubs

Fethiye’s nightlife scene offers a diverse range of bars and clubs, catering to different preferences and music styles. 

Local establishments often showcase traditional Turkish music and decor, while international venues attract tourists and expats with their familiar atmosphere and music from around the world.

Famous bars and clubs in Fethiye

Some of the most popular bars and clubs in Fethiye include:

  • Deep Blue Bar: Known for its laid-back atmosphere, this bar offers a mix of international and local music, with regular live performances.
  • Car Cemetery: A unique bar with a quirky car-themed decor, offering a wide range of drinks and a lively atmosphere.
  • Club Letoonia: Located within the Letoonia Resort, this upscale club attracts both tourists and locals with its stunning sea views and exclusive parties.

Dress codes, prices, and safety

While dress codes vary depending on the venue, it’s generally advisable to dress smart-casual.

Prices in Fethiye are generally reasonable, but tourists should be prepared to pay a premium at more upscale establishments.

As for safety, it’s always a good idea to stay in groups, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and keep personal belongings secure.

Restaurants and Cafes

Fethiye offers a wide range of dining options, from traditional Turkish cuisine to international fare. Visitors can enjoy mezes, kebabs, and seafood dishes at local restaurants, or opt for Italian, Indian, or Chinese options at various eateries throughout the city.

Popular and recommended establishments

Some of the top restaurants and cafes in Fethiye include:

  • Mozaik Bahçe: A charming garden restaurant specializing in Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Sundial Restaurant: Offering a stunning view of Fethiye’s harbor, this restaurant serves a mix of Turkish and international dishes.
  • Cafe Park Teras: A popular café with a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying coffee, dessert, or a light meal.

For a more unique dining experience, visitors can try themed restaurants such as the King’s Garden, which offers Ottoman-inspired cuisine in a historical setting, or Yoruk Parki, a recreated nomadic village where guests can enjoy traditional Turkish food while watching live performances.

Live Music and Performances

Traditional Turkish music and dance play a significant role in Fethiye’s culture.

Visitors can enjoy live performances at various establishments throughout the city, including the Turkish Night Show at Yoruk Parki or the Ottoman Night at the King’s Garden.

Fethiye also hosts contemporary music concerts, featuring both local and international artists.

Concert venues include the Fethiye Amphitheatre and the Oludeniz Beach Park. Additionally, the city hosts annual music festivals such as the Fethiye International Culture and Arts Festival, which showcases a variety of musical genres and performances from around the world.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Fethiye’s rich cultural heritage is evident in its numerous events and festivals held throughout the year.

These events showcase the city’s vibrant history, art, and traditions, offering tourists unique experiences that go beyond the usual nightlife activities.

Some of the most significant annual events in Fethiye include:

  • Fethiye International Culture and Arts Festival: Held in May, this event features music, dance, and theatrical performances, as well as art exhibitions and workshops.
  • Oludeniz Air Games: Taking place in October, this exciting event showcases paragliding, BASE jumping, and other aerial sports against the stunning backdrop of Oludeniz Beach.
  • Fethiye Street Festival: A lively event held in June, featuring street performances, live music, and local handicrafts.

To make the most of these events, tourists should plan their visits around the festival dates and book accommodations well in advance.

It’s also a good idea to research the specific event schedules, as well as any ticketing or entry requirements.


In conclusion, Fethiye’s diverse nightlife offerings, ranging from bars and clubs to restaurants, live music, cultural events, and night markets, provide visitors with a captivating blend of entertainment, culture, and adventure.

Experiencing Fethiye’s nightlife not only enhances cultural understanding and appreciation but also creates unforgettable memories for tourists.

To fully enjoy Fethiye’s nightlife, visitors should plan ahead, embrace new experiences, and respect local customs.

By doing so, they can immerse themselves in the city’s unique identity and create lasting memories of their time in this enchanting coastal gem.