Fethiye Jeep Safari: Routes, Types off Jeeps and Prices in 2023

Off-Road Adventure and Cultural Exploration: Discovering Fethiye Jeep Safari

If you’re looking for an exhilarating way to explore the natural beauty of Turkey, Fethiye Jeep Safari is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Located on the southwestern coast of Turkey, Fethiye is home to stunning landscapes that are best experienced on an off-road adventure.

The jeep safari has become a popular activity among tourists visiting the region, and for good reason.

During the safari, you’ll get to explore hidden gems that are not easily accessible by regular vehicles and enjoy breathtaking views from mountain peaks.

You’ll have a chance to swim in natural pools, visit charming local villages, and learn about Turkish culture and history through visits to ancient ruins and historical sites. 

The experience promises to be fun-filled with plenty of opportunities for thrills.

The Importance of Experiencing Off-Road Driving in Scenic Locations

Off-road driving has become one of the most popular activities among adventure seekers around the world.

It offers an opportunity to experience unique landscapes that can only be accessed by four-wheel drives or jeeps.

In addition to being thrilling, off-road driving enables visitors to appreciate nature from a different perspective as they drive through scenic locations such as mountainsides and forests. 

The terrain in Fethiye is perfect for off-road driving enthusiasts looking for challenging tracks filled with twists and turns.

With experienced guides leading the way, visitors can feel confident exploring rugged terrains while also enjoying some unforgettable views along the way. 

Beyond providing adventurous thrills for adrenaline junkies, Jeep Safaris offer visitors a chance to connect with nature in ways they may never have thought possible.

The Route

Fethiye Jeep Safari takes you on a breathtaking journey through the stunning natural landscapes of Turkey.

The tour usually begins with a pick-up from your hotel early in the morning. Once all the participants are picked up, everyone gets into the jeeps and starts on an exciting adventure.

The route is designed to provide a mix of off-road thrills and serene natural beauty. The first stop on the route is usually at a viewpoint that offers panoramic views of Fethiye, where you can take stunning photos to capture this moment forever.

Further along the route, there are stops at various locations where you can witness amazing scenic views.

Alongside beautiful mountains, Fethiye’s forests and beaches also provide an incredible backdrop for your journey.

Various Stops and Attractions Along The Way

During the Fethiye Jeep Safari, you will visit several interesting sites that add value to your experience.

One such site is Yaka Village, which is located deep inside Saklikent Canyon. This quaint little village provides visitors with traditional Turkish experiences they won’t forget easily.

You will also come across other sights such as ancient ruins and old Ottoman bridges that are connected to various stories about Turkish culture and history.

A visit to Tlos Ancient City is also included in some tours which presents intriguing remnants of Roman amphitheater ruins dating back 2000 years ago.

Emphasis On The Natural Beauty Of Fethiye

The entire route taken by Fethiye Jeep Safari is chosen not only for its thrilling off-road experiences but also for offering tourists a chance to explore Turkey’s unique natural beauty up close while enjoying it from an entirely different perspective than what traditional tours offer. Fethiye’s countryside gives a glimpse of Turkey’s natural beauty.

From mountains, forests, and beaches to the locally grown figs and pomegranates, there is a lot to see. The tour will take you off the beaten path where you can take in sights of stunning natural scenery that few people have ever seen before.

Fethiye Jeep Safari is an unforgettable experience that immerses you into Turkish culture while providing an adrenaline rush. It allows tourists to see Turkey in all its glory and immerse themselves in its unique beauty.

The Jeeps

Unleashing the Power of Off-Road Driving

The jeeps used for Fethiye Jeep Safari are specially designed to provide an exhilarating off-road driving experience. Equipped with powerful engines and four-wheel drive systems, these jeeps can tackle even the most challenging terrain.

The high ground clearance and strong suspension system of the jeeps allow them to navigate through rocky roads, steep inclines, and uneven surfaces with ease.

Moreover, the tour operators pay great attention to maintaining the vehicles in top condition to ensure that they can withstand the rough conditions encountered during the safari.

Each jeep undergoes regular checks and servicing by experienced mechanics before every trip. This ensures that all vehicles are fully functional, safe for passengers, and ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Safety First: How Tour Operators Ensure a Safe Experience

Tour operators prioritize safety during Fethiye Jeep Safari tours and take several measures to minimize risks and ensure a safe experience for all participants. 

Each jeep is manned by an experienced driver who has undergone specialized training on off-road driving techniques, including how to handle different terrains safely.

Furthermore, strict safety guidelines are implemented throughout the tour by trained guides who ride along in separate support vehicles.

These guidelines include prohibiting speeding or reckless driving, wearing seatbelts at all times during the trip, and avoiding dangerous maneuvers that could put passengers at risk. 

Additionally, each jeep is equipped with communication devices such as radios or mobile phones that enable drivers to keep in touch with support staff at all times in case of emergencies or unexpected events.

Fethiye Jeep Safari provides a safe yet thrilling way for tourists to explore Turkey’s beautiful countryside while experiencing off-road driving like never before.

With well-maintained jeeps and expertly trained drivers accompanied by knowledgeable guides following strict safety protocols throughout the trip, participants can rest assured that their safety and enjoyment are top priorities.


Immerse in the Natural Pools

During the Fethiye Jeep Safari, you will get a chance to take a dip in some of the most beautiful natural pools in Turkey.

The water is crystal clear and refreshing, and it provides an excellent opportunity for a swim, especially during hot summer days.

These pools are located in secluded areas that are only accessible through off-road paths that are included in the route of the safari tour. Swimming in these natural pools is not only fun but also therapeutic for the body and soul.

The minerals present in the water can help to heal muscle tension and reduce stress levels. Additionally, these areas offer breathtaking views of nature that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Experience Turkish Culture with Visits to Local Villages

One of the highlights of Fethiye Jeep Safari is visiting local villages to experience Turkish culture first-hand.

During these visits, you will have an opportunity to interact with locals, taste traditional Turkish cuisine, learn about local customs and traditions, see how they make handicrafts such as pottery or carpets.

Most villages offer visitors traditional Turkish tea that is usually served with gozleme (Turkish pancakes) or baklava (a sweet pastry).

This experience is a great way to immerse yourself in local culture and learn about how people live outside tourist hotspots.

Enjoy Traditional Turkish Cuisine

Food plays an integral part when it comes to immersing oneself into any different culture.

On this tour, you get a chance to indulge yourself with some mouth-watering traditional Turkish cuisine prepared by locals from fresh ingredients found around them.

The food on this tour ranges from appetizers like meze platters filled with hummus salads stuffed grape leaves or patlican salatasi (eggplant salad) followed by kebabs, stews, and succulent seafood all washed down with the national drink of Turkey – Raki.

The meals are served in beautiful outdoor settings with stunning views of the surrounding nature that will make your meal even more enjoyable.

All these activities combine to create an unforgettable experience for visitors. They enhance the overall enjoyment and offer a glimpse into Turkish culture and way of life.

Culture & History

Discovering Turkish Culture and History on Fethiye Jeep Safari

Fethiye Jeep Safari is a unique way to discover the rich cultural heritage of Turkey.

The tour provides an opportunity to visit ancient ruins and historical sites that are significant not only in Turkish history but also in the histories of civilizations that lived in this region in the past. 

With a knowledgeable guide, participants can learn about the fascinating stories and legends behind these sites and gain insight into life during ancient times.

One such site is Tlos Ancient City, which dates back to the 4th century BC.

Located on a hilltop overlooking fertile plains, this site offers visitors breathtaking views and plenty of photo opportunities. The ruins include a stadium, baths, agora, theater, cisterns, and necropolis.

Another site worth visiting is Saklikent Gorge which was once part of the Lycian civilization’s kingdom during the Hellenistic period. It consists of a narrow canyon carved by a mountain stream over thousands of years with towering cliffs reaching as high as 300 meters.

Learning Through Experience

Fethiye Jeep Safari allows participants to experience Turkish culture firsthand by spending time with locals in traditional villages along the route.

These villages offer an opportunity to interact with locals who still maintain their traditional lifestyles despite modernization efforts throughout Turkey.

Participants can sample local cuisine made from fresh ingredients grown nearby while learning about unique customs such as rug weaving or pottery making.

Additionally, Fethiye Jeep Safari provides an immersive experience through its interaction with nature and wildlife unique to Turkey’s Mediterranean region.

The tour takes travellers through forests that contain rare plant species found nowhere else on earth while also providing spectacular views of snow-capped mountains visible even during summer months due to their high altitude; all while exploring some secret beaches where tourists are rare sightings. The combination of culture, history, and nature makes 

Fethiye Jeep Safari an unforgettable adventure for those seeking something beyond the typical tourist experience.

Tips & Recommendations

What to wear/bring during the safari

It is essential to dress comfortably for the Fethiye Jeep Safari as it is a long off-road adventure.

Participants should wear light and loose-fitting clothing, allowing for ease of movement and breathability in warm weather.

Shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are ideal clothes to wear on the trip. However, closed-toe shoes or sneakers are recommended for safety reasons.

Since the region can get quite hot during summers, sunscreen with high SPF should be applied before starting the journey. Additionally, sunglasses and hats will protect participants from direct sunlight while enjoying the views.


Participants must follow all safety instructions provided by tour operators. It is essential to buckle up their seat belts while in motion and avoid taking unnecessary risks while driving off-road. 

They should carry a small bag or backpack containing essentials such as water bottles, snacks or energy bars, personal identification/driver’s license and cash while on tour.

Sunset at sea after a safari trip to Fethiye

It is highly recommended that participants bring their cameras or smartphones to capture some of the stunning landscapes on offer during Fethiye Jeep Safari.

Also, tourists are advised not to forget their swimwear (if they wish to swim at stops en route) and towels for drying off after taking a dip.

Pricing for Fethiye Jeep Safari

The cost of participating in a Fethiye Jeep Safari adventure can range from as low as $20 up to $45, varying depending on several factors.

These include the specifics of the route, the availability of lunch, and the condition of the jeeps used in the safari.

The Basic Program

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, you might opt for a basic program which starts at $20.

This option typically includes the jeep safari experience, guided by an expert, who will navigate the challenging terrains of the tour and introduce you to the captivating beauty of Fethiye. 

Do note that meals may not be included in this basic package, so you might want to bring along your snacks and refreshments.

The Premium Program

For a more comprehensive experience, you might want to consider the premium program, which goes up to $45. This package often includes an enhanced route that covers more scenic points and historical sites.

Furthermore, it usually incorporates a delicious traditional Turkish lunch, allowing you to savor local flavors in beautiful outdoor settings. The jeeps used in this program are typically in top condition and may offer superior comfort and performance.

To get the most out of your Fethiye Jeep Safari experience, consider your preferences and what you hope to get from the tour.

If you’re a foodie who’s keen on trying Turkish cuisine or someone who doesn’t want to worry about packing food, the premium program could be worth the additional cost.

On the other hand, if you’re mainly interested in the off-road adventure and don’t mind packing your lunch, the basic program could be an excellent choice.


Experiencing Fethiye Jeep Safari is an excellent way of exploring Turkey’s magnificent natural beauty beyond its usual tourist destinations. 

Tourists who participate in this activity will have memories that will last a lifetime – from cruising through rugged terrains in comfortable Jeeps with expert drivers who know how best to navigate through these challenging terrains!

With plenty of stops along the way for swimming in natural pools or experiencing local culture by visiting nearby villages – there’s no shortage of things to do on this exciting adventure!

While it is essential to follow safety instructions and recommendations, tourists should also let go of any inhibitions and soak in the experience. Fethiye Jeep Safari offers an unforgettable adventure that is worth every penny spent!