Water Taxi in Fethiye: Your Ultimate Guide to the Turquoise Coast

The Fethiye To Çalış Beach Water Taxi

Fethiye is a beautiful coastal town located on the southwestern coast of Turkey. Known for its stunning beaches, turquoise waters, and rich history, Fethiye attracts tourists from all over the world.

With a variety of attractions such as the Kayaköy, Çalış Beach, and Saklıkent Gorge, it offers something for everyone.

Water transportation is essential in coastal towns, offering efficient and eco-friendly travel options.

It plays a significant role in reducing traffic congestion and air pollution while providing unique sightseeing opportunities.

Water taxis in Fethiye provide an enjoyable and convenient transportation option for both locals and tourists.

They help boost the local economy by supporting businesses and offering employment opportunities.

Description of Fethiye’s water taxi services

Types of water taxis available

Fethiye’s water taxi services offer a variety of boat options, including single-decker boats with benches lining the edges and larger, double-decker boats with spacious seating areas. 

Some boats even have refreshments for sale, allowing passengers to enjoy a drink as they sail across the bay.

Major routes and destinations served

The primary route served by the water taxi services in Fethiye is between Fethiye and Çalış Beach.

The journey offers a unique opportunity for travelers to experience a sunset sail across the bay while enjoying panoramic views of Fethiye’s natural harbor, the Mendos and Babadağ mountains, and the harbor of Fethiye. 

The water taxi also serves as an excellent way to reach Fethiye Market, providing a scenic alternative to the traditional dolmuş (shared taxi) ride.

Schedule and frequency of services

Water taxis in Fethiye operate throughout the summer season, with boats departing every 30 minutes from both Fethiye and Çalış. 

Schedules may vary depending on the time of day and demand, so it is advisable to check the departure times before planning your trip.

Pricing and ticketing options

The water taxi services in Fethiye are slightly more expensive than the dolmuş, but the unique experience and breathtaking views justify the additional cost. 

Prices may vary depending on the time of day and the type of boat.

For the summer of 2023, the fare for the crossing is priced at 60 Turkish Lira, which is approximately £2.50 per individual.

The Fethiye-Çalış water taxi journey begins with a gentle sail across the calm waters of Fethiye Bay. 

As the boat zigzags between the beacons, passengers can enjoy ever-changing views of the coastline, from the harbor to the Club Letoonia resort and eventually, the canal.

Along the way, swallows dart and dive through the reeds, adding to the overall tranquility of the experience.

Upon reaching Çalış, passengers disembark at the jetty, where they can immediately immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere of Çalış bars and restaurants.

Advantages of using water taxis in Fethiye

Convenience and accessibility

Water taxis in Fethiye provide a convenient and accessible transportation option for both locals and tourists. 

They offer ease of travel between popular destinations and a reduction in travel time compared to land transportation, making them an attractive choice for many travelers.

Ecological benefits

Using water taxis in Fethiye has several ecological benefits, including a reduction in traffic congestion and air pollution, as well as a lower carbon footprint compared to other transportation options. 

These environmentally friendly transportation alternatives contribute to the preservation of Fethiye’s natural beauty.

Unique sightseeing opportunities

Water taxis offer passengers panoramic views of Fethiye’s coastline and nearby islands, along with the chance to observe local marine life and ecosystems. 

These unique sightseeing opportunities provide a memorable experience that is difficult to replicate with land-based transportation.

Support for local businesses and economy

The water taxi industry in Fethiye provides employment opportunities for local residents and boosts the tourism industry.

It also encourages further development in waterfront areas, supporting local businesses and the overall economy.

Challenges and potential drawbacks

Seasonal demand fluctuations

Water taxi services in Fethiye face seasonal demand fluctuations, with high demand during the peak tourist season and low demand during the off-peak season. 

This can make it challenging for operators to maintain consistent service levels throughout the year.

Weather-related disruptions

Water taxi services are susceptible to weather-related disruptions, including potential cancellations or delays due to inclement weather.

Additionally, safety concerns may arise during storms and high winds, impacting service availability and passenger confidence.

Competition with other modes of transportation

Water taxis in Fethiye face competition with land-based transportation options, which may offer more frequent services or lower prices. 

This competition can potentially lead to market saturation, making it difficult for water taxi operators to sustain their businesses.

Case studies and success stories

Several coastal cities around the world have successfully implemented water taxi services as a key component of their transportation systems. 

Examples include Venice, Italy; Sydney, Australia; and Istanbul, Turkey. These cities have demonstrated the viability and benefits of water taxis as an alternative transportation mode in coastal areas.

Fethiye’s water taxi services have garnered positive feedback from both locals and tourists, contributing to the area’s reputation as a popular tourist destination. 

Many locals and tourists have shared their positive experiences with Fethiye’s water taxi services, highlighting the convenience, accessibility, and unique sightseeing opportunities they provide. These testimonials serve as evidence of the water taxi’s significant impact on the overall travel experience in Fethiye.


Water taxi services in Fethiye offer numerous advantages, including convenience, ecological benefits, unique sightseeing opportunities, and support for the local economy.

Water taxi services in Fethiye highlight the importance of sustainable transportation options in coastal communities.

By embracing and promoting these eco-friendly alternatives, coastal towns like Fethiye can ensure a thriving tourism industry while preserving their unique natural and cultural attractions for future generations to enjoy.

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Ticket booths are located at the canal by the bridge in Çalış and along the harbour by the children’s park in Fethiye.

During high season, the first boat from Çalış to Fethiye is at 10 am and the last one is at 22:00. From Fethiye to Çalış, boats run from 11 am to 23:00.

For the 2023 summer season, the cost of a crossing is 60 TL per person, which is approximately £2.50.

The crossing takes about 40 minutes and offers beautiful views, particularly during the sunset crossing and night boats from Çalış to Fethiye.

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