Fethiye Postal Codes: Full Guide With Navigating the Region

Fethiye, Turkey ZIP Codes Explained

Fethiye is a picturesque city in the Mugla province of Turkey, renowned for its stunning turquoise coast and rich cultural heritage. 

Like any other city, Fethiye has its own postal codes that are essential for mail delivery and other location-based services.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into Fethiye’s postal codes, their importance, how to understand them, and how to find the right postal code for your needs.

Definition of Postal Codes

A Postal code is a series of digits or letters used by post offices across the world for easy identification and sorting of mails. 

This system was introduced in the early 1960s when countries began using numerical or alphanumeric codes instead of traditional sorting methods like city names, street addresses, etc.

History of Fethiye Postal Codes

Pre-Postal Code Era

Before the implementation of postal codes in Turkey, mail delivery was a tedious and time-consuming process, especially in rural areas.

Letter to the city of Fethiye

The Turkish postal system relied on human labor and analog sorting machines to sort and deliver mail to its desired destination.

This system’s inefficiency and unreliability significantly impacted Turkey’s economy as businesses struggled to receive payments on time, leading to cash flow problems.

Introduction of Postal Codes in Turkey

In 1965, the Turkish government became increasingly aware of the need for an efficient and organized postal system.

They decided to introduce a six-digit national postal code system that would be unique to each region.

With this new system, letters and packages could be sorted by machines using optical character recognition (OCR) technology that recognized the six-digit code printed on the envelope or package label.

The introduction of postal codes revolutionized how people sent mail across Turkey by providing a more reliable and faster delivery service than before.

Development and Implementation of Fethiye Postal Codes

Fethiye is a district located in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey, known for its stunning beaches and rich history.

Like other regions across the country, Fethiye faced numerous challenges due to disorganized mail delivery systems until it introduced its own postal code system.

Fethiye implemented its unique five-digit postcode in 1998 after years of research and development provided by Turkish Post (PTT).

The first two digits represent the region or province from which it originates while the last three digits are specific to each neighborhood or street within Fethiye.

This new code streamlined Fethiye’s mail service significantly as letters could be delivered faster with accuracy.

Over time, understanding Fethiye’s postcode became vital as it serves as a key identification tool for mailing, online transactions and tracking goods’ movement across the district.

Why Fethiye Postal Codes are Important

Postal codes are crucial for efficient mail delivery, as they help sort and route mail to the correct destinations.

In Fethiye, postal codes are also useful for identifying districts and neighborhoods within the city. 

This information is valuable for businesses, tourists, and residents who need to navigate the city or find specific addresses.

Understanding Fethiye Postal Codes

Format of Postal Codes

Fethiye postal codes are five-digit numbers, following the general format of Turkish postal codes.

The first two digits represent the province (Mugla), and the last three digits indicate the specific district or neighborhood within Fethiye.

How to Read Postal Codes

For example, a postal code like 48300 would represent a location within the Mugla province (48) and a specific district or neighborhood in Fethiye (300).

Districts and Neighborhoods in Fethiye

Fethiye comprises several districts and neighborhoods, each with its own unique postal code. Some of the popular districts in Fethiye include Mugla Central, Seydikemer, Oludeniz, Calis, and Hisaronu.

Fethiye Postal Codes by District

Mugla Central

Mugla Central, the heart of Fethiye, has postal codes ranging from 48000 to 48999.

Some popular neighborhoods and their respective postal codes include:

  • Tuzla Mahallesi: 48000
  • Karagozler Mahallesi: 48310
  • Akarca Mahallesi: 48320


Seydikemer is a district situated to the east of Fethiye. Its postal codes range from 48360 to 48369.

A few notable neighborhoods include:

  • Kadikoy Mahallesi: 48360
  • Dodurga Mahallesi: 48362
  • Yaka Mahallesi: 48364


Oludeniz, famous for its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, has postal codes ranging from 48340 to 48349.

Notable neighborhoods and their postal codes are:

  • Ovacik Mahallesi: 48340
  • Kumburnu Mahallesi: 48342
  • Hisarönü Mahallesi: 48345


Calis is a popular tourist destination known for its beach and vibrant atmosphere. Postal codes in Calis range from 48370 to 48379.

Some well-known neighborhoods include:

  • Gunlukbasi Mahallesi: 48370
  • Baris Manco Bulvari: 48375
  • Kargi Mahallesi: 48377


Hisaronu is another lively area in Fethiye, offering a blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Postal codes in this district range from 48350 to 48359.

Notable neighborhoods and their respective postal codes are:

  • Orta Mahallesi: 48350
  • Kizilcakaya Mahallesi: 48353
  • Camkoy Mahallesi: 48356

How to Find a Specific Postal Code in Fethiye

To find a specific postal code in Fethiye, you can consult online resources, such as the Turkish Postal Service’s (PTT) website, or use postal code lookup tools that offer search functionalities. 

Additionally, local businesses, post offices, and residents can provide valuable information about the postal codes in their area.

Using Postal Codes for Shipping and Mailing

When sending mail or packages to Fethiye, it’s essential to include the correct postal code on the address label.

This ensures that your mail is delivered efficiently and accurately. Remember to double-check the postal code before shipping to avoid delays or lost items.

Online Services and Postal Code Lookup Tools

Several online tools and websites can help you find the right postal code in Fethiye. Some popular options include:

  • The Turkish Postal Service (PTT) official website
  • Mapping websites and applications that offer postal code information


Understanding Fethiye’s postal codes is essential for efficient mail delivery and location-based services. 

This article has provided an overview of Fethiye’s districts, neighborhoods, and postal codes, as well as resources for finding specific postal codes.

By using the correct postal code, you can ensure that your mail reaches its intended destination promptly and accurately.

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